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So many people ask us about what to wear during their family sessions… well, I think pretty much everyone has asked once or twice and here is our response:

Think about your family. Are you a casual family or a formal family? In other words, are you in jeans and tees most of the time or are you always dressed to the hilt in dresses and ties?? Your family’s style is where you should begin your search for the perfect portrait wardrobe. Why put a 30×40 print over the mantle in your family room of you and the kids in your Sunday’s best if you only dress that way on Sunday?? Be yourself! Be comfortable… trust me DAD and KIDS will thank you. Men generally do not want to come in and have family portraits taken and if they have to come in dress clothes and tie… DRAMA.

When building your family’s wardrobe don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. Mom, find your outfit first (one that you LURVE of course) and then build everyone’s look around yours. If you are in a floral top and jeans, put dad in a pin stripe button down with his sleeves rolled up, little sis in a polka dot knit dress & son in a solid polo & cargos. Easy breezy. Stay within the same color families and you are good to go!

One final thing to think about…your home. What colors decorate your house? If the color palette is greens, tans and browns…you’re probably not going to hang a print in there where your family is in pink. Remember, build your attire around your style. Invest in a piece of artwork of your family that will compliment your home for years to come.

Family portrait don’ts??

1. Don’t put everyone in white and khaki. (((GASP)))

…seriously? Do you go out in public dressed this way? Negative. Take your hubs and the kids to the mall all dressed alike and wait for the looks… xoxo

2. Stay away from screen prints or characters.

…unless you are a descendant of Walt Disney or Tommy Hilfiger or it’s Halloween or you actually are an American Eagle…probably not a good idea to come dressed like a walking advertisement…

3. Don’t stress over it! It’s just clothes. You wear them everyday…we hope.

See peeps, piece o’ cake! You got this!


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