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{why I don’t like discs} | decatur, alabama | family portrait photographer

I don’t like discs. I don’t like digital files. I don’t. I wonder how many of you reading this have a disc from me that is still laying in the drawer where you put it after you picked it up. I bet over half. I’m guilty. I have STACKS of discs, PILES of memory sticks, with thousands of images of my family & friends on them. Snap shots that I love. Will I ever print them? I feel so guilty at times for not printing the silly shots. The fun stuff, the “mistakes”. One of my favorite things is going to my parents house and going through old pictures from when I was growing up. There are boxes and boxes of images. My daughter won’t have that, if I don’t start (RIGHT NOW) printing images off those discs. By the time she is my age, she won’t be able to pop a cd in her laptop. Everything will have changed.

This article really sums up my thoughts. Take a minute to read it. Understand why we as photographers HATE digital files. It not because we don’t want you to have free range to do with your images as you please, it’s because we want you to have memories that you can hang in your home & cherish forever.


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