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    Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I am Jamie Waldrep-Reeves owner, designer, photographer, chief financial adviser, decision maker, dancing queen extraordinaire! I have no problem acting a crazy person to make sure you or your babies feel comfortable around me. I love my job and wouldn't trade my life for a thing. I have been in the photography business for the past 9 years. I recently married the man of my dreams and we have one big happy family full of girls! You'll see plenty of my little mini-me princess if you hang around long enough! Come see me!

    Your Story Captured is located in the heart of Decatur, Alabama. Offering studio and location portrait sessions for babies, children, high school seniors & families.

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{change} | decatur, alabama | family portrait photographer

I sent this email out this morning at 8:36 a.m., with a heavy heart. I was so afraid I would get negative feedback (& I probably still will) but, within minutes of releasing the email, I had 11 emails, all with kind words. So, thank you to – Kim, Alicia, Shannon, Amber, Mimi, Miranda, Krysee, Heather, Greg, Pam & Steve – your emails choked me up and relieved a lot of worry!

Time for change.

I’ve had a lot weighing on my heart for the past few months now and I am making some changes in my life. Taking time for me, my daughter and our family.

You all are my clients but, you are also like an extended family to me. I want to be honest with you in saying that the studio has become overwhelming to me. My goal was to have a HUGE successful portrait studio, with staff & a boutique & a postive presence in my community. I feel like I have acheived those goals & now I just want to get back to the basics of photography & of life.

I am not quitting. I’m going to allow myself the time to enjoy my daughter& take on some projects that I’ve not had the opportunity to do. I’m downsizing.

I’ve decided to move the studio from the 2nd Avenue location to a more intimate (& equally awesome) space on Bank Street above the old historic Wyker’s Toy store. The studio space there is awesome. There’s exposed brick walls, massive ceilings & original fireplaces from the early 1900s. It is perfect. I know you are all reading UPSTAIRS & thinking… oh gosh. Don’t worry, when you schedule your session, I’ll be downstairs waiting on you to help haul your gear or baby up the stairs!

This move gives me the opportunity to have more flexible hours & more evening & weekend times for you. Being at the studio on 2nd required me to be in the studio daily from 10-5 thus, making later evening & weekend appointments a thorn in my side. This move will allow me to work by appointment, whether that be 6 pm or 8 am. Not only does it benefit you, but it lets me have time during the summer months to hang out with my sweet girl.

I am excited for this change. I hope you will be too! I can’t wait to see you all in the days, weeks & months to come.


A few things to remember, I won’t always be there to answer the phone, PLEASE leave a message & I will call you back. I can ALWAYS check my email, regardless of where I am. If you have an urgent request, please email me – I will always update any new information or mini-sessions or deals on the Facebook page –

Another BIG HUGE PLUS, our pricing from 2010 is back!! No more price increases because overhead is WAY less!! YAY!!! So, $10 4x6s, $15 5x7s & $20 8x10s!! AND, digital files are now available! I’ll update the website in the next week with these changes!

Finally, be patient with me. From here on out, I’m a one woman show!


{image} | decatur, alabama | child portrait photographer

Today I attended a local MOPS group… (Moms of Preschoolers, had to google that!). I was the guest speaker, imagine that! The opening speaker read a verse from the Bible to begin, she spoke on how we (women) focus so much on how we look & our self image. This is the verse she read… Proverbs 31:30 “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. ”

We put so much emphasis on how we look, how skinny (or not) we are, our hair, make up, clothing, that we forget we have tiny little beings watching our every single move. Living your life for Christ and setting an example for your children can be so difficult. I’m living proof of that. I struggle to set a good example for Maysen. I struggle with being the bigger person and not saying, I LOOK FAT, and with sticking to a promise even though I don’t want to (wah). I want my daughter to love herself. I want her to be happy & fulfilled in life.

With all that said, here’s a tip for you mom’s dreading coming to a photo session or putting off scheduling that session because you think it will be so stressful.

It’s not that big a deal.

Seriously. Calm down. They are only little once. Don’t let them see you freak out.

Let them wear what they want. Let them pick their nose, it doesn’t bother me, I’ll wait it out. When you come to the studio, it’s overwhelming to your tiny nugget. There is a lot, I mean a LOT of stuff to look at, let them wander! I don’t mind. They are tiny little people, exploration is how they learn. Let them learn. I have the patience of a saint. I can wait on the perfect shot for as long as I need to and if you can’t just walk away. Take a breather.

Calm down mama. Every little thing is gonna be alright.

I need rules for parents – no yelling, no screaming, no huffing, no puffing, no frustration, no aggravation, no calling it quits. I’ve seen it all!



{hi daddy} | decatur, alabama | newborn portrait photographer

Just last week I witnessed the birth of my newest niece Lillian Maeve. I would have never got this opportunity had her daddy been here. See, her sweet daddy (brother as I call him) is in Afghanistan serving our country for the 2nd time.

Hey Brother, Thanks.


My sister Krysee, sweet Bella Boo & new baby sissser Lilly.

To Daddy, From Home.


Krysee is a certified Music Therapist, so we had to fit the music in somewhere!

Look at those LIPS! Just like big sis!


{step right up} | decatur, alabama | child portrait photographer


Now booking! Call the studio at 256-686-1516!

October 13th and 14th.

30 minute mini-sessions….pettiskirts, hats, suspenders, mustaches, and tons of cute props to choose from!

Only $35!

Check out a few sneak peeks of our precious models to give you an idea for your kiddos!




*all mini-sessions are subject to a $150 minimum order

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