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    Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I am Jamie Waldrep-Reeves owner, designer, photographer, chief financial adviser, decision maker, dancing queen extraordinaire! I have no problem acting a crazy person to make sure you or your babies feel comfortable around me. I love my job and wouldn't trade my life for a thing. I have been in the photography business for the past 9 years. I recently married the man of my dreams and we have one big happy family full of girls! You'll see plenty of my little mini-me princess if you hang around long enough! Come see me!

    Your Story Captured is located in the heart of Decatur, Alabama. Offering studio and location portrait sessions for babies, children, high school seniors & families.

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{father’s day delight} | decatur, alabama | sibling portrait photographer

To say I was excited about having an updated portrait of my sister, my brother and myself is well…an understatement! I think the last portrait I have seen of the three of us together, my sister was maybe a year old. I believe it consisted of Christmas, multicolored turtlenecks, a teenager in braces, shall I continue? Ha! This was a much needed session and SO MUCH FUN!

My brother, Christopher, is such an awesome dude! He has the best personality and can always make me smile.  He is so talented and great at everything he does! I love him so much and I am so proud of him! Isn’t he handsome?


My sister, Nolen, may seem shy at first but is just a little diva! She is such a sweetheart! I love to hear her laugh, it is simply precious! She has been taking dance for 8 years and it is truly amazing to watch her! I am thankful for her and I love her so much! Not to mention, she is a beauty!



It was blazing hot the day of our session! What better way to pass a little time than with a few laughs! It is never a dull moment with us! Although it seems Christopher could only come up with one “silly” face! Haha!



This was my favorite image of the day! It is absolutely stunning and I was so proud to present it to my father on this special day! He plays so many roles in life…son, husband, brother, friend to name a few….but only WE can call him DAD! We love you!



Thank you Jamie for being such an awesome friend! I am so thankful for the talent that you have and it is because of YOU that I have this day to remember forever! You’re the best!!







{food drive} | decatur, alabama | photographer

Our hearts go out to those families affected by last Wednesday’s deadly storms that ravished our sweet state. It’s amazing to me that a week has already past.

In an effort to help my hometown of Lawrence County, we are hosting a canned food drive. For every TEN non-perishable food items that you donate you will receive $10 off your portrait session, portrait order or gift certificate.

This is a perfect time to get mom a gift certificate for Mother’s Day and help feed a family in need.

You must have your food items in hand at the time of your order/purchase. Sorry, but we cannot take off for orders or sessions that have already taken place. This offer is valid for our boutique photography studio only, not our school or dance sessions.

As we continually pray for our state, we ask that you do the same. Together, we will rebuild Alabama.



{preserving memories} | decatur, alabama | family portrait photographer

The talk around the photography world is the value of preserving memories. How much is your family worth to you? When it comes to photo sessions and wall portraits do you value your memories or do you value your pocketbook? More times than not we have clients who are extremely wealthy and who expect a long catered to, extravagant session and then dote over how gorgeous their images are but, end up with a few desktop prints and complain about the price. But, yesterday..yesterday was different. A few weeks ago we had a family come in who was just a normal everyday working class family with a teenage son and daughter. The love they had for each other was oozing from them. They were so kind to myself and Cassie. They really touched our hearts during their session. Yesterday they came in for their ordering session. As the slideshow played, mom & dad held hands and tears streamed down their cheeks. They were overjoyed. They love their family. They were so gracious for the images that we captured. These people had been saving for this session. This was their big expense for the year. Not a fancy vacation or new furniture but, a portrait session to preserve the memories of their family. Their session was one of the biggest sales of the year for us. But, the reaction we got from them & they way they made us feel was worth more than any sale. I went home thinking about how I get short tempered and lose my cool over little things that aren’t really a big deal. I thought about so much that I take for granted. I then I thought about how I can be more like this family. How can I love my more child and be a better mother, a better daughter, sister and friend. This family will forever be embedded in my heart and I am so grateful for them.

Think about your family. How much is the price of preserving memories worth to you?


{tom flattery} | decatur, alabama | portrait photographer

Everyone knows we went to Vegas but, prior to leaving for Vegas we got a call from a staff member at Gina Alexander. For those of you who don’t know who Gina Alexander is you must check her out!!! I adore her portrait handbags. My leopard print candy bag is my absolute fav bag EVER! Anyway, they asked to use one of our images on their website and sample bags and to say I was flattered in an understatement… I WAS PUMPED!!!

Here’s few snaps from Vegas!

Check out Gina Alexander online at!

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