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    Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I am Jamie Waldrep-Reeves owner, designer, photographer, chief financial adviser, decision maker, dancing queen extraordinaire! I have no problem acting a crazy person to make sure you or your babies feel comfortable around me. I love my job and wouldn't trade my life for a thing. I have been in the photography business for the past 9 years. I recently married the man of my dreams and we have one big happy family full of girls! You'll see plenty of my little mini-me princess if you hang around long enough! Come see me!

    Your Story Captured is located in the heart of Decatur, Alabama. Offering studio and location portrait sessions for babies, children, high school seniors & families.

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{babies} | decatur, alabama | newborn photographer

More specifically, newborn babies. I love them. Hands down the first two weeks of life are my absolute favorite. Their smell, the grunts, yawns, squeaks and that skin! Oh, that sweet baby wrinkly skin makes me happy. I would have a house full of newbies if I could!

I get beside myself with excitement when I know I have newborns on my schedule. Sometimes, newborn sessions last for hours and I do not care. I could take all day with those sweet little nuggets. The past few weeks have been full of newbies, here’s some of my fav shots!


{sweet baby d} | decatur, alabama | baby photographer

Today was a good day.

I finally got the pleasure of meeting a sweet baby that I’ve been praying for and thinking about for months now. I remember talking with some of my favorite clients, who are her family and getting teary eyed imagining being in her mommy’s position. The days, weeks and months in the NICU must have seem like an eternity to her.

Now, here she is… 8 months later and finally able to get out and see the world!! Makes you sit back and realize how blessed you are.


{qb & donkey} | decatur, alabama | child portrait photographer

Oh this weather is going to give me a nervous breakdown! Warm, cold, warm, cold, nasty, pretty, rainy, snowy, windy, cold. Can we get some plain ol’ nice weather? Just a sunny 75ish would be fabulous for me. If a virus has gone around we’ve gotten it. I was so excited to have a break in the weather to get out of the studio with my camera & some fabulous subjects!

The focus was Grady (the boy) & QB (the horse) but, Donkey (the donkey) had other plans. He wanted to be front and center at all times. After being chased with a guitar & wet with the water hose, he kept coming back for more so, of course, he had to be included in a few shots!


{vegas baby} | decatur, alabama | portrait photographer

Wowzas. Have we had one whirlwind week around here!! We flew out of Nashville on Saturday morning & we were pumped & ready to go! See, we were headed to Las Vegas, for the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) Convention. The drive to Nashville seemed like minutes, then we were in the air. First stop, Dallas, TX! But, only for a short lay-over to change planes. Then, we were VEGAS bound! We did it all! We saw a show, walked the streets, hit the hottest night clubs, ate the best food & of course had our pix made a bazillion times… once with Elvis & once with Michael Jackson! We were tourists!

But, the main event was to see all the new things in the world of photography and attended seminars taught by some of the best photographers in the industry. People always wonder why PROFESSIONAL photographers charge what they do for creative sessions & here’s why we do what we do… In life businesses come & go. The ones that stick, are those who continue to learn & thrive in the their industry but most of all, we are the ones who treat our clients & patrons as friends. Keeping up with the latest technology & the latest trends in photography is something that I study almost daily. Things change constantly. There’s always something bigger & better. I want better. I want to be the best & I want YOU, my clients to get the best. That’s why I am a member of the PPA (Professional Photographer of America), WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) and the NACP (National Association of Child Photographers). Not only did I earn a degree in Art Education with a focus on Photography but, I am constantly continuing my education to learn all that I can in the world of photography. With an industry like this, there are constantly FAUXTOGRAPHERS popping up all around. People who have a nice camera & charge money for sub-par work. I see it every where. Please, know your photographer. Study him or her. Research. Ask questions. If they can’t answer them, they probably aren’t for you. You get what you pay for. If you want 9.99 prices, you get 9.99 images. What we do here at Your Story is document life. We document the milestones you never want to forget. Those moments in life that will live on in your images long after you are gone. I don’t take this lightly, neither should you.

Woah nelly, did I get off on a tangent there or what? I am so passionate about what I do, that I get disgusted when people come to me and say, “I used so & so for my daugther’s newborn session because she/he was a friend and they just aren’t good.” This happens far to often. It’s your baby, it’s your family. Regardless of whether that baby is 5 days old or 18 and graduating from high school, you always get the best from us & I GUARANTEE IT.

Here I go again, whew. I get excited about what I do. I love seeing my clients face when they view their images for the first time or when I get emails or FB messages saying thanks for such a great session… it makes me giddy.

Just know, we are always on top of our game. I don’t have to “sell” myself or the studio to you, you’ll just get it. If you come in and meet us and we aren’t a good fit or you don’t like us, roll on. Go somewhere else, it’s ok. I want you to have the absolute best portrait experience EVER.


Now, I’ve got jet lag and gotta go take a nap!
Come see us!

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